We all hear horror stories about contractors that don’t do what they say. There are contractors you have tapped for garage door installation in Oklahoma City and yet they do not come up to scratch.  Here we have come up with another project to do around the house – installing a fence.  For whatever reason you may have for this new fence, the questions are looming.

Where do you start?

The first thing is to find out what types of fences are permitted in your area.  If you live in a neighborhood that is governed by an HOA, there may be some restrictions.  Check with your local association to find out the different types of fence including the height, spacing, and colors that are acceptable.  One neighborhood may allow decorative aluminum, while another may say that wood and chain link is okay.  With regards to the wood fencing, the main styles are privacy, picket, and split rail.  Some or all may be permitted.

Next, you may want to check with your local government laws.  Specifically, if you have a pool that you need to get enclosed.  State, county, and local entities may have unique laws.

It is important that you understand all these factors before your fence is installed.  It will cost a pretty penny to have the fence taken out and then reinstalled.

Once you have an understanding of what is permitted in your area, now you have to decide if you (or your husband) are feeling handy or would rather a fence company to do the installation for you.

There are so many fence companies out there.  Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area.  Find out from family, friends, and coworkers for good companies.  They may have had a good – or bad – experience with a company.  This is the best way to discover how a company operates and what you can expect.

Contact the company.  Talk to them.  Find out if they have all the necessary insurance and permits that are required to operate as a business.  Ask for references.  If they have nothing to hide, they will be glad to offer this information.  BUYER BEWARE–HANDYMEN ARE NOT FENCE COMPANIES!!  If you are comforable with any Joe Smo putting in your fence, well you might just get what you pay for.  The pricing may come in cheaper, and after it’s all said and done, you might just realize why.

You have to be comfortable with the company that you are going to do business with.  Trust your instinct.  Pricing should be a factor, but most compaines should be in line with one another to a certain extent.  Be leary of the low guys.  Ask questions regarding your pricing.  You may be surprised.  Call the company and see if they can move their pricing any.  Maybe they can and maybe they can’t, but it never hurts to try.

Some companies offer special discounts.  Check with them and see what they offer.  Times are tough right now for everyone.

Fences of all types can make suck an improvement to any landscape.  As they say, “Fences make good neighbors”.

Give us a call; we want to hear from you.

Moved into new home, neighbor puts up fence the next day

We purchased a new home in a nice neighborhood. The next day after we moved in, the neighbor put up a white picket fence between our home and theirs. My question is two parts. Don’t you think this could be interpreted as a rude gesture without at least saying something to us? Here are brand new neighbors. We did not and never would do ANYTHING to annoy our neighbors. A fence is fine, I wanted one myself, but the way this unfolded, seemed rude to us.

Second, he placed the fence right smack on the line. Everything I read, says you should place the fence 1-2 feet inside the line so that you can maintain it while on your own property. The fence actually comes over the line an inch or two in spots because the layed the fence right on the stretched line.

So what if I want to build my own fence now? We want a solid wall, cedar fence, for privacy and to keep our pooch in. So can we build ours right up against theirs? How does or should this work?